Sunday, September 7, 2008

Clay Weekend

I spent a good portion of my weekend up at the Northern Clay Center checking out all of the amazing potters on display for the annual American Pottery Festival. The quality of the work was just spectacular. The thing I love about going to ceramic shows is that not only do you get to see work that you've often only seen in slides or on the internet, but you get to pick it up and touch it! Such fun... I also caught a glimpse of some of my new favorite pottery stars - Naomi Cleary and Liz Zlot Summerfeld. This morning I took a short (but info-packed) workshop with Gail Kendal, which gave me some great insights into working with low fire clay.

I'm all signed up to take a class with Margaret Bohls at NCC this coming fall -- I can't wait for it to get started so I can get back into the studio and start making pots. The topic is just what I need, too - low fire glaze chemistry. Yea! Hopefully I can clear up some of my pesky glazing problems and get to a place where I have a few glazes I enjoy using and understand well. I am looking forward to the day when I can think clearly about how I am going to glaze a pot before I even begin to throw...

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Scott said...

Great to see you back!