Sunday, April 29, 2007

Group slides/statement

I strive to capture moments of expression and an eagerness to be used in my utilitarian ceramic work. I envision each piece moments from waking, frozen just before stirring to life and carrying out its intended function. Teapots and mugs tilt in anticipation of pouring or receiving and pitchers reach to deliver their contents, pursuing a sense of generosity and openness. It is the range of interactions a functional pot has, from a precious display to a daily necessity that draws me into my studio. I continually search for ways to merge unique form with practical function, creating work that is a pleasure to touch, see and to use.

My influences often come from things that play a role in my own daily rituals. The defined edges of the radiator in my living room, a sleek band of sliver running through my cell phone, the yellow rusting bridges of my Pittsburgh home and the expressive faucet on my bathroom sink all inspire my work in clay. I blend aspects of everyday routine with human expression to produce objects that we not only use, but also can interact with and visually enjoy.

It is primarily through form that I articulate my interest in animated pots. I employ added coils to emphasize joints, attachments and edges, defining and highlighting those areas that appeal to me. I use these details, along with symmetrical altering, to heighten the human gesture of each piece as well as indicate and inform decorative space. Glaze serves to emphasize detail, accentuate underlying structural decisions and aid in creating a sense of soft touchability.