Monday, November 16, 2009

Pots in Progress

I've been working on a big round of custom orders for the past month or so and thought I'd post a few pictures here.  My timing on this wasn't great, given that the holiday season is upon us, but I needed to get these out the door.  The images are of work which will be heading up to Alaska (hence the theme).  They are about 16" across and have taken me a LONG time to make!  I have four deco'ed and done, and three more to make.  Then I'm on to my Amphicar order! 

Oooh, La La!

Look at this new beauty we got last week at NCC!  I'm in love with the spring loaded lid lifter :)  His name is Bob, and I'm guessing he won't stay so pretty and shiny for long, but he is a welcome addition to our electric kiln family...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Two Months?!?

Well, I am hardly on the once a week blogging plan that I swore to at the start of this year. It seems like the longer I let the blog slide, the harder it is to get back up on the horse (and the more monumental it feels the post should be). While my first post in two months may not be of monumental proportions, the pile of clay in the photo to the left (aka Mt. Reclaim) may fit the bill. I've come to find in my two months as studio tech at ncc that reclaiming clay is a lot like doing laundry: a never ending project!