Thursday, March 18, 2010

Interview UP!!!

The interview I did with Connie Norman is live on her blog (thanks again for the opportunity, Connie)!  If you're interested in learning more about my work and where it comes from check out what I have to say at:  Enjoy!

Oh and a little side note:  Below is concrete proof that lowfire white clay should never (ever!!) go in a high fire gas kiln.  And yet, it somehow manages to happen every term at NCC. UGH!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back on the blogging horse...

I've been looking for a nudge to get myself back into the blogging routine, and I found just the thing to do it!  Fellow clay artist and blogger, Connie Norman, will be posting an interview we did about my work on her blog this week.   Not only does Connie make excellent clay work, but she's interviewed some great clay folks (most recently Jeff Campana and Ron Philbeck - a few of my favorites...)!  You can check out Connie's work here and her blog here.  I'll be sure to post an update when the interview goes live...