Monday, September 7, 2009

One or both?

So, I'm working a new crop duster design into my line of pots and I can't decide which one works better - crop duster dusting, or crop duster minus the dust. Any preferences??

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quick Question

I'm working on a few show applications and could use some advice on how to best give dimensions. I'll use the work below as an example (a new one fresh from the kiln!!):

Would you give the dimensions as the piece is oriented in the image, or as it is when set flat? In other words, what should the height of the piece be? My initial inclination is to put the dimensions when it is set flat (so 3.5"H x 15" L x 11" W), but as I'm thinking about it that may be a little confusing to someone looking at this image - maybe the height should be 15?? I dunno...

Any thoughts?

More new pots to come soon!!!

New Studio!

It's official, I've moved into my new studio space at Northern Clay Center. It's cozy, but luckily my new studio mate, David Swenson (aka Swen) is easy going... My shelves are filling up fast with pots waiting for decoration, thank goodness the latex resist I ordered from Laguna arrived today!

Below are a few pics from the new space, this is where I'll be spending a lot of time for the next year...