Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where have I been???

It's always amazing to me how quickly time can slip by. I swear I've posted more often, but it looks like I've transitioned from the once-a-week to the once-a-month blogging plan. But, despite my lack of posting, I've certainly been reading a lot of blogs these days! I think that may be the problem, I use up all of my computer energy reading a number of the wonderful blogs out there and I can't muster up the motivation to write a post myself. But, I've decided I need to get back on the horse and keep up with the posting - I really enjoy having a record of my progress in the studio and the wonderful feedback from this incredible online community. So here goes, back into the blogging waters.

I've been working lately with building up my surface through lots of layering. I think I'm moving in a more subtle direction with the oil related imagery because I feel like that is more true to how it exists in our lives - beneath the surface of a lot the things we rely on. I'm also thinking a lot about memory these days and how our brains are wired to lock onto patterns. So the oil imagery is positioned in a pattern in the background - maybe it will stick in my brain better that way!

Here's an example of my latest work:

And above is a close up of the oil tanker stencil in the background - I'll glaze this with something that will pool slightly in the recessed area so the tankers will appear subtly behind the truck stencil.

The canaries are a new development as well. I've been thinking about the way miners used to use canaries to indicate when conditions became unsafe in a shaft. Which led into how we are often terrible at perceiving when conditions become dangerous or unhealthy. I also enjoy how they are so cheerful and happy looking, but can indicate something ominous. I think these little yellow guys will be playing a significant role in my work from here on out.

And here is the back side...

I've continued to work with the corn series of work as well and am playing with new ways to integrate corn into my work. I have two versions I'm working with right now, one where the corn image is stamped into the surface and another where the corn is sprigged on top. Any opinions on which works better??

This guy is still waiting to be slipped (and I think I may add some wind turbine stencils in there somewhere).

A detail shot of the stamped in corn:

I am in love with the way these guys look on the inside, they make me want to crawl around and explore...
And here's the sprigged version, all slipped and ready for a top coat of stencils:

A detail shot of the sprigged corn:

And the underside...

That's it for now, I hope you all have a great weekend. Up next - glazed and fired pots!