Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well, it happened - I finally glazed some pots. And, well, there were some good things and some bad. I'll start with the good: we were having some trouble with the Deb's Clear blistering, but that didn't seem to happen with this round of work (yea!). I applied the glaze considerably thinner than we had before, so I'm thinking application may have been the culprit. Secondly, the Deb's with copper (6%) and Iron (3%) gave a lovely warm green that I used on the the tractor bowl. I think that glaze is definitely a keeper. I also really like the Amber (which is the G-76 Amber) and will continue to use that glaze as well...

Now onto the not so great results. First off, and I should have tested these ages ago, the underglazes were far more vibrant and flat than I had anticipated. They give the pots (the whale bowl in particular) a paint-by-number feel that I am not particularly keen on. On the other hand, now I know what to expect and I can adjust my usage of these underglazes accordingly (and maybe nix them, in fact!). I've also realized that the slip base is far too white for my taste, but I think that is easy enough to fix with the adddition of a little colorant.

On the bright side, I now have a good deal of information about how these glazes worked and what I need to change. I'm still in pursuit of a runny clear that I can add colorants to that will bleed outside of my drawings. I think I should play with inlaying some glaze into my drawings as well - it would be great if the illustrations themselves could blur and bleed a bit.

Okay, that's it for now. Given that my class is over and I don't move into my new studio space until January, my posts may be a little few and far between this month. It'll be good to get back in the studio and start on my next phase of clay research!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December already??

It's hard to believe that 2009 is now less than one month away, but exciting to be heading toward the fresh start of a new year. There will certainly be a lot of excitement to kick off January as I move into my new private studio space at Northern Clay Center(!!). I just found out shortly before Thanksgiving that there was a small spot available, and could be mine if I wanted. I've spent some time thinking seriously about my career in clay and trying to develop a good budget covering all of my expenses. I've certainly been using a different part of my brain these past few weeks...

The glaze calc class ends this Thursday, I'm hoping to get in some pots so that I have at least a few finished pieces to show for the last two months of work. I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as the firing is out.

I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!!